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About Deus Dois


history behind deus dois Joaillerie

It all began many years ago in a city called Teófilo Otoni in Brazil where Kelly’s grandfather, Manoel Gonçalves Soares, started to develop a passion for gemstones and discovered the biggest crystal in the country. This was then transferred to the Gemology Museum of Belo Horizonte and became an important part of its collection. 


A few years later, on the day Kelly was born, her father, Hildebrando Gonçalves Soares, found in their estate an aquamarine rock and shortly after he created Soares - a company that specialized in extracting and cutting precious stones. Since then the family has been in the gemstone business.

Growing up surrounded by the colourful world of gemstones, Kelly planned to follow the same steps as her father, but life took her on a different adventure. Nevertheless, the wish to somehow reconnect with her origins followed Kelly throughout her life.


Grounded in her heritage, Deus Dois Joaillerie offers jewellery pieces with a bold aesthetic inspired by Brazil’s religious syncretism, in which traditional religions mix with mysticism and where faith coexists with symbols that bring good energy, positive feelings and protection. 



Deus dois joaillerie

The brand has a contemporary and original aesthetic, where geometric shapes and colours are essential parts of its DNA. By offering luxurious and timeless pieces, where the gemstones coming from Brazil are chosen by their individual beauty and meaning, Deus Dois Joaillerie brings bold sophistication into the traditional jewellery market. 

The resulting collections use shapes and colours in an imaginative way and are rooted in the belief that true luxury is surprising and daring. The Donna J collection redesigns the traditional vernacular bringing in an element of faith and symbolism to the pieces by using gems full of meaning like tourmalines, emeralds and diamonds, while the Araras collection offers earring designs inspired by the exotic wildlife in Brazil. Last but not least, the Rainbow collection is inspired by the work of the architect Oscar Niemayer, exploring colours and 

geometric shapes.


Deus Dois Joaillerie has just arrived, offering exclusive designs inspired by Brazil’s rich cultural landscape.

Kelly svensson

Kelly Gonçalves Svensson’s passion for precious stones started at a young age. The daughter of an important gemologist from the famous gemstone region of  Minas Gerais in Brazil, she

grew up surrounded by the gems her father sold to jewellery 

brands worldwide.


Kelly began her career in the fashion industry where she has worked for the last 15 years developing a sharp sense for design. Her desire to work in jewellery never left her and an encounter with French designer Phillipe Saine seemed like the perfect occasion to invest in this dream. In that moment Deus Dois Joaillerie was born.